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Mushroom Questions

How to order?

How do I buy your mushrooms?

My mushrooms are available from the wholesaler Eco Farms.

They are also available for the Toowoomba farmer’s market  which are on every Saturday at the Cobb and Co Museum in Toowoomba.

You can also contact me to place an order through the contact page.

How do I order Wholesale?

Please contact Fairymount Fine Foods through the contact page.

Mushroom care

How long do you store your mushrooms before I get them?

Mushrooms are picked one or two days before delivery to ensure freshness.

Do you use chemicals do you use on your mushrooms?

As I am certified Organic, I do not use any chemicals to produce mushrooms. Find out more about our organic growing process here

How long do your mushrooms last?

Mushrooms last 5 days unrefrigerated and up to 12 days refrigerated.

Do I need to wash the mushrooms before eating?

It is advisable to wash mushrooms before you eat them.

How should I store the mushrooms to keep them fresh?

They can be stored in the container they come in in the fridge.

Mushrooms information

What are Mushrooms?

Mushrooms are the fruiting body of specific types of fungi. They typically appear above ground. Not all mushrooms are edible. Only eat those mushrooms that you are 110% sure are not toxic. LEARN MORE

Are mushrooms/oyster mushrooms vegan?

Yes. Mushrooms grow from the ground and have no animal products so are a perfect protein alternative for Vegans and those wanting to eat less meat.

Mushroom Recipes

Check out my Blogs for some tasty recipes.

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