Fairymount Fine Foods

Our Process

How do we grow our mushrooms?

The process of growing mushrooms that I use is called low Tec mushroom farming. We purchase the strains of mushroom cultures from a supplier. We do not collect from the wild. This ensures that they are clean and proven edible strains.

We grow these cultures on cereal grain such as wheat or sorghum. The grain is then used to seed the substrate. The types of mushrooms that I grow, prefer to grow on straw or other vegetable matter. They do not grow in manures.

The substrate is pasteurised by soaking in Hydrated lime increasing the Ph. High Ph favours mushroom growth not bacteria or molds. When the mushroom is growing fast and is colonising the substrate it out-competes any contaminants. 

The seeded substrate is packed into long plastic bag like tubes called columns and air hols pushed through the plastic. This is incubated at 25oC for 7 days, so the mushroom culture can fully colonise the substrate.

Then the columns are moved to the fruiting room where we increase the humidity to 80% and drop the temperature to 17oC. In a week the mushrooms start popping out up and down the column.

Our process is Sustainable & Organic

To ensure that the mushrooms that we produce are clean and have a great flavour, we use certified organic substrates that are a bi-product of agricultural production of sugar and cereal crops. The mushrooms are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

We also practice “Low Tec” mushroom farming. This is a time-honoured practice of using the natural ability of the mushroom to colonise and utilise plant material to produce edible mushrooms.

Mushrooms produce their own pesticides so they can outcompete other fungi and bacteria. Once mushrooms get started, they exclude all others.

This method of mushroom farming reduces the environmental footprint with respect to water and energy consumption. We also have installed solar to offset the power that we do use.  

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