Certified Organic Mushrooms

Australian owned & grown

Jandowae, QLD

Fairymount Fine Foods are a boutique scale Queensland farm that supplies restaurants, wholesalers, and environmentally conscious foodies with delicious certified organic mushrooms.

Your Farmer

Hi I’m Phil. After leaving school I studied science and plant genetics and worked in Agricultural research. In 2001 I purchased the property at Jandowae and ran more sustainable, old genetic, grass-fed, Heritage Angus Cattle. During the drought I needed to diversify and started to grow mushrooms in 2015, obtaining my organic certification in 2017.

Why Organic Mushrooms?

We chose to be organic as it is important for the health of the mushrooms, the health of our own bodies, but most importantly the health of our planet. We only get one chance at this and we want to be part of the solution.


Our Mushroom Varieties

Blue pearl oyster mushroom

Blue Oyster Mushrooms

Certified Organic

White Oyster Mushroom

White Oyster Mushrooms

Certified Organic

Phoenix Oyster Mushroom

Phoenix Oyster Mushrooms

Certified Organic

Where to buy our organic mushrooms?

Why our organic mushrooms?

  • Mushrooms are a great protein alternative to meat if you are trying to reduce your meat consumption
  • Growing our mushrooms organically means that our process is much for environmentally friendly and more sustainable
  • We are one of only a few mushroom growers in Australia that are certified organic
  • When you purchase our mushrooms you know you are supporting your local farmer and economy and also reducing your carbon footprint by buying local

Organic Mushrooms is more Sustainable

  • We only use certified organic substrates
  • No Chemicals, Fertilizers or Pesticides
  • We practice”Low Tec” mushroom farming
  • These methods reduce the environmental footprint
  • We also use solar to offset our power

Tasty Mushroom Recipes